Usage: keybox [options] General Options: -f, --file DATABASE_FILE The Database File to use -c, --config CONFIG_FILE The Configuration file to use --color SCHEME The color scheme to use none,dark_bg,light_bg,<other> -D, --debug Ouput debug information to STDERR --[no-]use-hash-for-url Use the password hash algorithm for URL accounts Commands, one and only one of these is required: -h, --help -a, --add ACCOUNT Create a new account in keybox -d, --delete ACCOUNT Delete the account from keybox -e, --edit ACCOUNT Edit the account in keybox -l, --list [REGEX] List the matching accounts (no argument will list all) -m, --master-password Change the master password -s, --show [REGEX] Show the given account(s) -v, --version Show version information Import / Export from other data formats: -i, --import-from-csv FILE Import from a CSV file -x, --export-to-csv FILE Export contents to a CSV file