Keybox Project

Keybox is a set of command line applications and ruby libraries for secure password storage and password generation.

Using only the core ruby and the ruby standard library, Keybox provides a portable secure mechanism for password management.

Keybox provides 2 command line applications, keybox and kpg

  • keybox - a pure ruby command line password storage application that uses the OpenSSL libraries included with ruby for the encryption.
  • kpg - a pure ruby implementation of the Automated Password Generator (apg) program. It attempts to implemented all the functionality of ‘apg’, but it is not completely compatible.



  • Encryption
  • Automatic clearing of the password display after you are done using it.
  • Colorized output with customizable schemes.
  • Command line, so you can use it just about everywhere.
  • Multiple options for the underlying random number generator, Supports using your own hardware device.
  • Import and export information from CSV files.


  • Generate passwords of specific lengths, or within ranges.
  • Limit or require characters from specific character sets (upper, lower, numerical,special).
  • Generates “sort of” pronounceable passwords.
  • Has an API so embed it in your own applications.